Timber Decking

Decking timbers will face the harshest conditions of any external timber construction, from moisture, rain, foot traffic and high UV (if fully exposed). Timber decking, whilst seasoned and kiln dried, will continue to take up and lose moisture throughout its life depending on weather, building aspect and local climate conditions.


Choice of timber species and finish should be determined by considering the application, environment exposure, desired colour and expected maintenance regime. To assist in avoiding premature weathering, loss of colour, checking, cracking, iron stains, tannin stains, tannin leach etc, it is important to seal timbers all round as soon as possible to maintain appearance, stability and preservation.

Precise Timber Innovations recommend that care be taken when making a preference selection based on a single sample piece or a small area sample. In all cases, timber decking supplied will deviate in appearance between jobs and display samples. However, it is this deviation that makes every timber deck absolutely unique.


Available Species:Ironbark, Silvertop Ash, Spotted Gum, Cypress, Jarrah, Grey Gum, Yellow Stringybark, Blackbutt, Southern Mahogany, Accoya®, Cedar

Precise Timber Innovations are trained and certified by Accoya® in usage and finishing.

Set Lengths available using the LinkWOOD process, offering significant wastage and installation time reductions

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