Fully Finished Timber

It saves waste, is faster to install, offers more consistent colour and wider choice, and easier more predictable maintenance than traditional timber finishes.


Fully Finished in factory with either FeastWatson, Intergrain or Teknos finishes. 3, 5, 7 YEAR FINISH WARRANTY on Translucent and opaque finishes. Finishes are factory applied to specification, and applied with the latest vacuum / flood / spray techniques; timber can be designed to achieve aesthetic and performance criteria. Providing timber that retains the design colour, lasts longer and is more easily maintained than clear finishes.

Pigment in timber finishes will protect the timber better, will maintain appearance and design colour longer, and will be easier to maintain than traditional clear coats and finishes. By understanding how timber finishes work, and how colour degrades in timber and in the finishes we have developed a range of products that deliver a new perspective and dependability to timber, and how we finish timber products



  • Inline to ensure correct application to specification.
  • Fully backed by warranties.
  • No Waiting to clean and finishthe job on site


up to 7 YEARS for Teknos factory finished products,3—5 year warranty on factory applied finishes by Intergrain and Teknos.

IMPROVED DURABILITY— Pre coating or finishing improves the durabilityand stability of all timber species.

PREDICT MAINTENANCE – even application that erode like oils so resistscrack and peel, easily re-coat and maintenance.

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