Recycled Timber

Precise Timber Innovations source recycled timbers, process and machine, and convert them into finished hardwood products. Recycled timber in durable species is used for decks, screens, wall linings and cladding, public access walkways, steps, jetties, street furniture and landscaping.

We can provide specialist solutions to projects and developments requiring recycled timbers, including the ability to offer set lengthsin project volumes and machining to custom profiles.


Recycled Timber is now used virtually as a species, and Precise timber innovations can produce most of our products from this valuable resource. Recycled timbers offer character, stability, durability and an environmentally responsible design option.

Recycled Timber Products are available coated in factory using and automated vacuum process, to ensure complete coverage to all surfaces and saving costs and issues associated with site application.


Available Species: Ironbark, Silvertop Ash, Spotted Gum, Cypress, Jarrah, Grey Gum, Yellow Stringybark, Blackbutt, Mixed Hardwoods, Tallowwood, Turpentine.

Available Products: IShiplap Cladding and Weatherboards, Decking and Boardwalk, Screens and Battens, Flooring, Wall Lining, Custom Profiles.

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